Here at Impact Martial Arts we also offer you the opportunity to have self defence classes and courses ran at a number of places including your own place of work - Fitness or leisure centre or any where else that has a open space that can be used to work on.

We have been running practical self defence courses for many years now for people who want to learn all aspects of self defence, but may find it difficult to attend regular martial arts classes - this may be due to work or family commitments they have that will not allow them to commit to anything else, so to make your life easier - we bring the self defence lessons to you.

All our self defence classes and courses are tailor made to suit your exact requirements and needs, this will ensure that you will receive the exact level of self defence to suit you or your personal circumstances.

Sessions and courses can be arranged from a one week intensive session up to the average eight to twelve week course, each session will normally be one hour long - except for the intensive sessions - and each session or course we run will be designed to suit you.

We supply all necessary equipment required for the sessions we hold, including floor matting - kicking and punching equipment - any protective equipment should it be required and any weapons (plastic or real) if they are to be part of the course.

We are a fully qualified and fully insured martial arts organisation who want to e
nsure that only the highest possible standard of martial arts and self defence is taught by our instructors - every instructor has a minimum of a 1st degree black belt with at least five training years taken to achieve that belt - plus each instructor within our club has gained belts in other martial arts disciplines such as Kickboxing - Muay Thai - Karate - Tae-Kwon-Do - Aikido - Jiu-Jitsu and Kung Fu.

Below are examples of what we have to offer for our courses:

Self defence
The law and self defence
Defence from knife / bottle / open hand attacks
Defence from grabs and holds
Escapes from grabs and holds
Take downs and restraint techniques
Understanding and reading potential self defence situations
Kickboxing / Muay Thai
Jiu-Jitsu self defence
Martial arts fitness work outs
And many more

We have worked with a number of national employers within the UK who wanted to provide their employees with a suitable level of self defence and the confidence to use self defence should a situation ever arise - we have provided self defence sessions for security companies - pub and night club door staff - health centre employees and teaching staff, plus many other employers staff who's job required the knowledge of self defence because their employees came into contact with certain categories of people, so whether you need self defence or just want to provide an enjoyable form of keep fit - then we have it here for you.

There are no fixed pricing charts for the courses we run, because every one we run is different from the last, but we do guarantee that we will have something to suit your budget and requirements.

Sound good? then please contact us so that we can discuss any requirements you have, you can call Wayne on 07890 612547 or e-mail us at :          or

Would you like to know what the law is on self defence? Then click below