We are a club that has been teaching martial arts and self defence in the Wiltshire and Hampshire areas for over eleven years now (as of Jan 2010)

Our clubs were formerly known as the "Andover kickboxing club" and the "Tidworth kickboxing club" but have then changed to a brand new name, that cover all the clubs we have now, and plan to open in the future.

                       "IMPACT MARTIAL ARTS"

We started teaching to a small number of students in the early 1990's where we had a very small membership list, since that time a lot has changed in our club.

The club shut down for a small period due to lack of support from students, we then re-opened the club again with a new advertising campaign, new uniform, and new club owner, and a completely new attitude towards teaching in our club.

All previous members were sent letters explaining of the new club structure, which resulted in a number of students returning to train with us, we also spent a lot of time and money advertising what we offered and again found our club growing at a steady pace.

With new structure in place and new approach, we were able to cut the training cost's by 50% for most students, again which resulted in a bigger turn out of people wanting to train, we then started offering free child places and a whole host of discounts that were not previously available.

All students that were members in the previous club were offered free membership in new club, and students paid half of the cost of the new uniforms that we planned to use, the other half being paid by myself out of my own pocket.

Today we have a very healthy membership status in our clubs, we are almost at full capacity now, and everyone in the club enjoys the training and self defence we provide, the club does not have a massive turnover, nor does it make a profit, as it is a new club all the money coming into the club gets invested straight back into buying new equipment for all the students that use the club to benefit from.

Although we are a non profit making club, that does not mean we can still not offer the same high level of training you may expect from a club that charges twice the price, we can still offer you everything you expect in a martial arts club because we are dedicated and committed to providing you as a student with the highest possible standards.

All instructors are committed to the clubs future and success, that future lies with all new students that wish to train with us, and with all its current members.